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B & K Enterprises provides internet consulting and programming at a reasonable fee and specializes in small businesses wanting to get their feet wet without taking a major financial plunge.

In addition to low cost sites, we will develop and publish the larger and more sophisticated sites which require animation, sound, secure tranactions, relational database integration, and Java programming.

We will take your web site through conception, design, coding, publishing, and maintenance.

Conception - Why develop an internet web site for your company? An examination of what you wish to accomplish with your web site will help to focus the design which will help to achieve your company's internet goals.
Design - What design will best implement the concept? Is a database required? How much maintenance will be needed? Is a hightech look or conservative look desired? What mix of graphics, sound, and text will best present your information. Can existing marketing materials be adapted to reduce development cost? The design phase will answer these questions.
Coding - Whether your site requires simple HTML coding, CGI scripting, or Java programming we will develop the appropriate code to meet your needs.
Publishing - Once the design and coding are complete, it is necesary to place the web site on a server hooked to the internet. Our server connects to the internet on a high speed digital line.
Maintenance - With a proper design, maintenance can be reduced to a minimal level. But, when it is necessary to make changes to your website, we will provide maintence in a timely and professional manner.

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